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Narrator : One day, there was pleasant couple. They lived in a village near the forest. They lived happily. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any children yet. Everyday they prayed to God for a
 Mother : Oh God… please give us a child. I promise I will always protect my child. Pleaseanswer our prayer. Thank you God. Narrator : The green giant, Buto Ijo, coincidentally passed by the couple’s house. He heard what they were praying for. Buto Ijo : Whoa… ha…ha…ha! I heard that!  Mother : [gasps]
Oh my God! W-Who are you? Buto Ijo : I’m Buto Ijo.
 toward his wife] What’s with the noise? Who is that, honey? Mother : Oh my
 ront of our house. ’m scared. He will kill both of us! Buto Ijo : Whoa…
a…ha…ha… I’m not going to kill you. But I will fulfill your request to have a child. Father : You are just joking, aren’t you? Buto Ijo : No… = No… I’m serious, yes, I’m really serious. If you don’t believe me i tdoesn’t matter.
Mother : All
right… All right. My
husband, let’s see
what he can do to
help us.
Buto Ijo : [Gives
the seeds] Look, here
are some cucumber
seeds. Plant these
seeds, then you’ll get
a daughter.
Father : Do you
mean it? It’s so easy.
Buto Ijo : Yes, I
mean it. But
remember, on her
seventeenth birthday,
I’ll come back to take
the girl.
Mother : Oh,
husband… please I
want a child! Let’s try
his offer!
Father : But…
Oh well, if you insist,
I’ll take his offer.
Mother : [Bows
down] Oh, thank you,
husband! Thank you a
lot, Buto Ijo!
Buto Ijo : Whoa…
ha…ha…ha. See you
again seventeen
years from now,
humans. And
remember your
promise. [Go away]
Narrator : The next
day, the couple
planted the seeds.
Months later, a
golden cucumber
grew in the yard. The
cucumber was
getting bigger and
bigger each day.
Years passed by and
Timun Mas grew into
a lovely girl. Her
parents were very
proud of her but their
hearts hurt so badly
when they
remembered their
promise to Buto Ijo.
The couple then
remembered that
there was a sacred
hermit living inside
the forest. So they
went there for the
It so happened that
one day on Timun
Mas’s seventeenth
birthday, Buto Ijo
came for the couple’s
Buto Ijo : Whoa…
ha…ha... Hey, peasant,
where is your lovely
daughter? I come
here to pick her up.
Remember the
promise you said to
Father : Please
be patient, Buto Ijo.
Timun Mas, my
daughter, is playing in
the field.
Buto Ijo : What a
shit! I know you’re
lying! But never
mind, I’ll find her by
myself! [Turns away
to find Timun Mas]
Father : I’m glad
he’s gone. Timun
Mas, come here,
TimunMas : Yes,
daddy, I’m coming.
Who’s that?
Mother : He is
Buto Ijo, the green
giant. For some
reason, he’s looking
for you. I’m sure he’ll
come back here soon.
TimunMas : Oh my
God, what’ll he do to
Father : Listen to
me, Timun Mas, all
you have to do is run
away from him.
[Gives the bundle to
Timun Mas] Take this
bundle with you. It
contains chili seeds,
salt, cucumber seeds,
and shrimp paste.
TimunMas: What
should I do with
Father : Throw
each of them when
the giant gets closer
to you. These will
help you get away
from the giant.
TimunMas : What
about you, mom and
Mother : Don’t
worry about us. Oh
my God, the giant is
coming! Now, run,
Timun Mas! Run as
fast as you can!
Please be careful!
TimunMas : Thank
you, mom and dad!
You too please take
care of yourselves!
[Runs away]
Narrator : After
that, the giant chased
Timun Mas and he
was getting closer
and closer. Timun
Mas then took a
handful of salt from
the bundle. She
spread out the salt
and magically a wide
sea appeared
between them.
Narrator :
Timun Mas kept on
running as fast as she
could. But soon she
was very tired
herself. And things
were getting worse
as the giant had
woken up.
Narrator :
Desperately she then
threw her last
weapon, the shrimp
paste. Magically, the
paste turned into a
big swamp.
Narrator : The
giant fell into the
swamp but his hands
almost reached
Timun Mas. Suddenly
the swamp pulled
him to the bottom
and his hands lost
her. And finally timun
mas free from the giant, and lived hapily ever after. ***

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